Did you say free shipping WORLD WIDE ?


I'm guessing you are confused, and that is OK! It is a little unconventional, it can be a little expensive for us aswel!
However, the team decided that it really came down to three key points. So lets run over them !

Value :
Simply, its best value for the customers. No shipping charges. No handling charges. No sneaky back door kick backs just simply, Free Shipping WORLDWIDE.

Honesty and Integrity :
I think we have all been 90% through the buying process of a product only to stop once we see the shipping and the handling charges. Often they are more then expected and you leave the store feeling like you have been almost tricked with a cheap product and hit hard on the shipping. We didnt like that. So we left it out all together

Quicker Turn around time:
By using the same shipping company for every item we send, it allows us to save time on searching for the best deal to keep the customer happy and the company still in business.

We have an account with DHL, and we are able to predict all our costs ahead of time and priced our products accordingly. So we know our handling procedures and can get onto your order alot faster ! Which means everyone is happy !

So with that in mind, shop freely ! Knowing what you see at the top of the page is the price, no nasty surprises ahead !