K series attention

KSeries SPL media release 

Due to the increase of popularity of turbo charging the K24 Honda engine, MMP Turbos has been working with tuners and drivers around the globe to develop something purpose build for the great midrange and the amazing top end that these engines are capable of.

ka24 mmp

We were conscience of a few things, there needs to be a sacrifice somewhere and the K24 can be a little temperamental if boosted in stock or close to stock form.
Not everyone is buying these motors and stripping them down to fill with forged pistons, thus being careful not to ramp too hard and bending rods or having too much focus on the higher rpm where various valvetrain issues could present themselves.

Clearly many companies see a future in the K24 swap, one of the earliest companies to push forward with conversion options is TF Works. One of our supported drivers Juilan Jacobs is the proud owner of the conversion kit allowing the use of the 350Z 6 speed aswell. Also the exhuast manifold. This is key to making the swap nice and straight forward.

The MMP Kseries SPL fits up perfectly and looks great.

So lets look into what we have managed to create.
Size wise we sit in-between the two most popular units for 2022. The G25 and the G30. Given the amount of drivers who cant decide between these two , we figured why not make something bang in the middle.

 - Compressor wheel has been totally redesigned to our latest aerodynamic style that saw great success in our SS300, NS400 and SS700. The compressor AR is available in 60 / 70 depending customer preference
- Core is of cause a duel ceramic ball bearing that is oil and water cooled. Based off GTX Gen II technology to ensure extra abuse of heat and RPM ( boost)
- Turbine wheel is 9 blade to ensure free flow from the massive head that the K24. The turbine housing will be available in T3 and Vband in multiple A/R depending the customers need.

Once Julian's is up and running we will share the engine specifics and the dyno results, if you have any more questions regarding one of the these feel free to email us or DM on any of our socials