Linc and his STI

The evolution of Lincolns WRX STI has been rather enjoyable for us all. Take a look at the RD and evolution of the car / engine package and how MMP has worked with Lincolns team to continue pushing to the edge !
Linc has worked closely with Chris Deacon who is the main fabricator and mechanic throughout this build and has a wild Mazada MPS of his own. So lets see what these guys have been up to ! 

Lincolns and his WRX STI first started working with MMP with a 2L engine with stock heads. At this stage we were working on a 30 series frame unit and had been testing on SR20 engines. After some back and fourth we built something we were confident would push the engine and head package whilst ensuring the response would be there for fun daily driving use aswell.

One of the biggest difference with the SR20 / RB25 builds was the boost level. These WRX guys love putting big boost.

So lets take a look at what we built together for the first stage.

Custom designed MMP compressor wheel and 9 blade turbine wheel.

336kw on 32 PSI boost. An amazing result and power right past 7000 rpm.

Here is the sheet , Tuned at Elite Pro Tuning.

So after we were all enjoying these results the natural progression is to wonder how would it go with a set of cams ?

Enter Peters head shed, the magician gave us a port job and a set of Kelford 272 cams. A new set of gaskets later we were back together and ready to rock and roll ! 

The result was 360kw on same boost level with a maxed fuel system. Again reaching the limit with the turbo still not showing signs of running out of puff.

So how does it go on the street? Linc is a mad roll racer so it was great to see him out there running against anything and everything.. until the gearbox started showing its age. It had a good run but 240,000km is enough to ask!  

So with the gearbox needing to be removed and refreshed, the thought process shifted to using a 2.5L block that Linc had been keeping in storage.

So after some consideration and discussion we decided on a build suitable for a larger frame turbo to suit the displacement and goals of 600hp + .

STI Ej257
Closed deck
Manley turbo tuff pistons
Argo I beam rods
Fire ring copper headgasket
Using the heads from the previous builds, we retained the Kelford 272 cams
with ported heads.

We upped the exhaust to a Custom 3.5”  system and sent Linc one of out SS700 units.
The MMP SS700 was not a new unit to the market. Having been used by Naoki Nakamura for the last 4 years on his S13 Silvia running a 2.1L built SR20. We knew what the turbo was able to do on a smaller displacment engine but wanted to see how a larger AR and larger engine would be able to push the turbo.
Also, the boost levels seen in the drift car are not as high as what the roll racing setup can handle.

So this was very much a case of 'where is the limit" ?

So the SS700 is based off the 35 frame turbos, meaning it is a good step up from the previous SS550 that is based off the 30 series.
Same deal, custom wheels and ported covers with the goal of stable boost and big punches of torque.

Like all of our units, we can customize them for you for very little cost. Wheel color and custom engraving is all available. Linc has named this car ANIMAL, so it seemed appropriate to add it to the turbo

So next up it was fitting time ! Alot larger compressor cover but it does fit with room to still have access other parts in the engine bay.

Large intake pipe and looks amazing in the engine bay ! 

So how did it perform? Well we found the limits of the setup at just under 600hp at all 4 wheels.

Current limits of the headers and throttle body, it seems no matter what you throw at this car it will keep making power until the next limit reached ! 
Once Linc makes another bunch of changes to the intake and exhaust system we will update you all ! 

If you are ready to take your build to this level, shoot us an email or give us call. We are ready to get your setup moving !