SPL Series Debut : TD05 and TD06

Introducing our SPL Range.

Our SPL Range is a series of units that have had tweaks inside and out to bring them a step compared to others on the market.
We focus on compressor wheel and or turbine wheel upgrades. Blade design, blade count and materials will change,but the overall size will not.

Our first release is the popular Greddy TD05 and TD06 unit.

We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring this classic forward to the demands of 2019.

We have focused on keeping the same sound, ramp and aggressive nature that makes a TD05 or TD06, however listening to current owners of these turbos both original and aftermarket designs.

One of the most common complaints was the flat nature prior to it spooling, and the speed in which it will get back "on to" boost if you get off the accelerator.

Our new SPL range is designed around Motorsport applications, street driven cars will notice increase's but not to the extent a drift or time attack car. The way the unit reacts to the drivers pedal action is increased dramatically.