Welcome SS300

With the demand for a responsive bolt on SR20det turbo still strong in the tuning scene,  we went back to the drawing board and are proud to give you the SS300.

Available in OEM bolt on or with a ported T04b cover, any desired fitment can be accounted for.


Performance wise as you would expect, we have managed to tweak the gap.

As many of you probably know, there are dozens of Turbo manufactures out there all making copies of each other and then fighting over who is the cheapest. We distanced ourselves from that at the very start.
We have focused on tweaking and repairing original Japanese designs and designing our own from scratch, using the knowledge that drivers are reporting to us from Japan , USA and Australia.

For this unit we needed something that was affordable for the grass roots driver, who doesn't have a $4000 ecu and a 2.2L mazworkx engine. Something that can replace the old GT2860 or GTRS. We had done years of testing with Naoki Nakamura in japan for a little bolt on based off the gtx range as well as the older HKS GT range.
With some success and some failure we put this idea on the back burner when the NS400 came to life. To be honest, it was actually hard to make a turbo like this and it NOT want to make close to 400 HP. We had to get the balance right.

We did not want to sell these turbos in such a way that you needed 740cc injectors and big cams etc for it to work, we wanted the basic traditional SR20 to be able to enjoy this design.
We knew the turbo had to perform well at 15-17psi as thats the sweet spot for most mild tuned engines.
Thankfully we were able to get it right after dozens of tests on the dyno in Australia and Japan, aswell as countless trips to private roads in Japan and of cause the famous Meihan in Osaka.

With pride, we present to you : SS300 by MMP Turbos.

The 300 series will see anywhere from 320hp to 380hp depending on fuel, engine and boost on an SR20DET.
Testing within Japan, Australia and the USA has proven not only great power figures, but also amazing torque. Which is the SR20's key to success.

Our customers are reporting near on immediate response, with the power band pulling all the way to redline. Compared to 2871r or GTRS, these are far more powerful and responsive.
Some customers even comparing the torque results to that of GT3076.

Tuner Specifcations :

TO4B NON Ported compressor cover OR OEM S15
Billet Compressor wheel
GTX Bearing core
.84 T2 turboine housing
HKS GT2835 56TRIM 9 blade Turbine wheel