Welcome to the family -NS400

In December 2019, I traveled to Japan to visit our team of R and D in Osaka.

We had been working on a unit that we "solve" the low mount drift turbo problem.
Many drivers have their prefered unit, based on the settings of car, power level and how often the car gets used for drift or just general driving.

Some of the units we were considering basing this unit off was the HKS GTRS, HKS GT2835 and the Greddy T518Z.

All have their Pro's and Cons and have served us all well over the last 10/15 years.
We checked the specs and discussed in length all possible variants or things we could change.
Finally we settled on starting point. A T518z and GT2835 hybrid that would hopefully bring a balance of a big "hit" of torque with the legs to carry it no matter how high you rev it.

Our first job was to manufacture a compressor wheel that was very similar specs to the t518z, this was tough as the shaft size varies and backing plate differs aswell.
Once we got the first wheel made for testing, we assembled and sent our first unit over for testing.

Prototype 1:
TO4B Ported compressor cover
T518z based compressor wheel
GTX Bearing core
.64 T2 turboine housing
GT2835 Turbine wheel

Installed, tested and tuned on a mild spec SR20, we discovered that the unit was very responsive but lacked the legs up high.
The first thing we changed was the rear housing from .64 to .86 !

Prototype 2 :
TO4B Ported compressor cover
T518z based compressor wheel
GTX Bearing core
.86 T2 turboine housing
GT2835 Turbine wheel
That's right, we went to a "large" rear housing for an Sr20det. With that installed, there was minimal lag induced from the swap and allowed the feel of the mid range to come alive.
At this point, we were feeling confident we were on the right track. The general feel was still that we should still try to free up the top end of the RPM range.
We also were not sold on the sound of intake and coming off throttle.

Prototype 3 :
TO4B NON Ported compressor cover
T518z size wheel with Wheel SHAPE change and change to BILLET
GTX Bearing core
.86 T2 turboine housing
GT2835 56TRIM 9 blade Turbine wheel

We went to town with the turbine wheel. Swapped out the trim version (3 available) and cut it down to a 9 blade.
Results were significant flow increase above 6000 RPM.
We changed to billet, added point milling to break up the air and also remade the shape of the wheels.
The sounds is the now as the turbo is breathing better and in a non ported cover. 
The unit now feels like its angry and wants to go !

We then fitted one to Shane from Stacked Inc's S13 Silvia as well as Naoki's S13 practice car. Sent them both to Pro Shop Diversion for ecu settings.
Shane is a absolute gun of tuner himself, so was able to do most of the settings before the car got there. His car really only needed a power check as a comparison to Naoki's.

Proshop Diversion dyno is known for reading very low within Japan. Some cars "loosing" between 30-70hp. With that in mind 

The results are as follows : 

Shane's S13  - 365HP on 1.3bar
Naoki S13 - 387HP on 1.5bar
Both nearly 480mn of torque.

Naoki's was pushed a little hard as the boost control was better. He did however run out of fuel as his injectors were maxed out.
550CC will not see the true potential of this turbo.

We discovered that the rear housings both being .86 did have different wastegate PORT sizes. Naoki's was larger and worked alot better. 

We are now settled on the correct and exact setup and ready to bring you the NS400 Turbocharger.
These are designed for SR20DETS and designed and built for drifting. By the best drivers for you to become the best driver you can be !