About Us

Welcome, and thank you for viewing our store.

We come from humble beginnings, inspired by Japanese sports car tuning in the 1990's and engaging into the world of drifting, time attack, hill climbs, rally and production racing categories.

As time went on and all things aged, tuning styles changed, new companies in new countries started to take ground back from the Japanese, we noticed a huge hole left in the turbocharger market.
We noticed not everyone wanted to dispose of there HKS, Apexi, Power Enterprise or IHI turbo that had worked so well in the past, once it had reached the end of its life span. So, we set out with a clear vision and goal on manufacturing repair components and methods to return these items back to their former glory with new technology.

At first it was just serving the local community , but over time we managed to reach into other countries where we found an even greater appreciation of these units. Slowly but surely we started adding small changes to the design of the bearing packs, material used and designs of the wheels until we found an affordable, happy medium between repairing and over hauling the unit with current technology without changing the characteristics of the unit itself.

Recently, we decided to embark on our own turbo journey. We have released a limited number of our signature ball bearing turbos, designed and tested here in Australia, with the help from our Japanese partners we have been able to push testing into conditions not normally experienced. We now believe we have the correct recipe for a well balanced cost effective turbo charger.

Repair your current unit or buy an on shelf overhauled unit? Or go all out with out signature range?
Whatever you decide, trust that you are buying from a company dedicated to quality, usability and paying homage to those who have pioneered before us. Our relationship with every customer does not end at the point of sale but this is the beginning for us and be assured we are always there to support our customers through the life span of every assembly.