MMP 1HD-FTE  High Flow
MMP 1HD-FTE  High Flow
MMP 1HD-FTE  High Flow
MMP 1HD-FTE  High Flow

MMP 1HD-FTE High Flow

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Model : Toyota Cruiser FTE  High Flow
Configuration : Suitable for 1HD-FTE
Details :  

Billet Upgrade :
If your chasing early spool speed and torque while increasing durability then this unit is for you. As a direct bolt on, with no Pump or retune required, this unit take the term "Turn key upgrade" to a new level.
MMP signature internal upgrades allow the absolute maximum in reliability for work horses looking to get that next level from their truck.

Stage 1 :
Designed for a healthy upgrade to mid RPM power and torque, these units are popular withing the Caravan and Camping community due to the usability of the unit. Also gaining popularity with primary producers as we understand the elements needed to make a product that will help with day to day duties.
A healthy stock fuel system is fine, however a high flow air filter and intake pipe is always a must.
Our stage 1 Hi-Flow with the correct supporting mods and tune at 23 psi and normally maxes out the oem injectors. 
Consisting of a MMP Signature Billet compressor wheel and our SPL series rear turbine wheel.

Stage 2:
An OEM fitup turbo pushed to the absolute max. These units are built to max out the engine with our latest and greatest parts to push the limits.
This is suitable for those looking for the biggest and baddest of them all. We sacrifice spool speed to maximise overall power. Not suitable tow vehicles or daily driving however perfect for all out fun.
With an MMP Turbos SPL Fuel system and tune package this unit will see over 300hp. As important as the MMP Turbo, is the tune and fuel system. For this reason we are only able to sell these units via our authorised SPL dealers.